winner of 2 oscars

“nominated for 7 academy awards”

Oscars Night

The awards ceremony, held on March 19, 1953, in both Hollywood and New York, was the first Academy Awards to be televised. The Quiet Man wound up winning two Oscars: John Ford won for Best Director,  Winton Hoch and Artie Stout won for Best Cinematography. It was John Ford’s fourth time winning the Oscar for Best Director, a record that stands to his day.

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The Movie

The now-legendary and multi-award-winning The Quiet Man film featuring Pat Cohan’s Bar was filmed in 1951 and tells the epic tale of a retired American Boxer returning home to his birthplace in Ireland where his dream to live a quiet peaceful life is shaken when he meets the gorgeous and spirited local played by the iconic Maureen O’Hara. Being one of the first colour films ever shot outside of North America the stunning Irish landscape surrounding Cong Village was shown in all its glory on the big screen all around the globe. This fact casts no doubt over why so many of its actors and members of the crew fell in love with the local area and would go on to revisit with their family and friends long after the film was made. John Wayne, whose grandfather was Irish, grew a deep and strong connection to the area after spending six weeks in County Mayo with his family including his four children who all featured in the film. Pat Cohan’s Public Bar and Dining Room welcome you to come and feel the magic for yourself that is so beloved to so many around the world and make your own connection to the past, the place and the film.

The Oscars

Filmed in Pat Cohan’s Bar in 1951, The Quiet Man became a global success grossing $3.8 million at the box office in its first year and went on to be nominated for 7 Oscars and won two. The iconic John Ford film was nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay. Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor Best Art Direction and Best Sound and brought home the prestigious Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Director. It is still one of the most popular Irish Movies to this day and was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Cohans was at the centre of this award-wining magic back in 1951 and fans of the movie will be glad to learn it remains much the same to this day.

The Quiet Man – Stopping for a drink!

The Quiet Man – At the Oscars 1951